Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So last night I had this dream... OK I should rephrase that. Last night I had this nightmare. If any of you have ever ran a Marathon or a race for that matter they have this bus. The bus stays behind the last runners and if you don't cross certain check points by a certain time they put you on it and haul your slow butt to the finish line. That's it, no second chance, no "try and hurry up already" nothing. You are done. So in my dream of course I'm running and out of nowhere I here over an intercom. "Excuse me Mrs. Butterfield, you are moving to slow and we are going to have to ask you to stop". I woke up before they actually got me on the bus. See what this is doing to me, it's all I can think of. Me and the boys are going to have to do something fun today to keep my mind off it. That and I'll make a good dinner, Jer interested in coming over?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I feel bad for you... but I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read it. "Mrs. Butterfield" You are going to be a Rock Star... no bus in your future!