Friday, October 24, 2008

This is going to e fun, thanks Nina!

Yes I have been slacking again. My apologies! I still have to write about our trip to the apple orchard and all sorts of stuff. I've just been so busy with trying to get stuff ready for me going back to work, seriously the days have been NONSTOP! So I saw this on my fabulous friend Nina's blog and I figured it would get me back in the game....

It is called "Fourth of Fourth"... I pick the 4th picture in my 4th picture folder, write about it, and then tag 4 people.

4th folder - √
4th picture - √
Write about it - √
Tag 4 people - √

Here we go...

4th folder - 10-17-07. Pumpkin painting party!

4th picture - Me helping Ryder paint his pumpkin. Well it is actually probably when I first gave him the pumpkin to paint. We invited all our cousins over to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. They are all still a little to young to carve a pumpkin so painting them was ideal. We had a blast, everyone did such a great job and managed to stay pretty clean. There were all sorts of pumpkins... my favorite was Cole's, who decided to paint his pumpkin orange. All orange because it was his favorite color - how funny! Ry was 2 at the time, just look how young he looks! When we were done, we cleaned up our mess and enjoyed some homemade brownies that I had made prior to the gathering. It sure was a great afternoon!

Tag 4 people- House of Rose, Financial Dad, Team Cogski & Addie and Mommie's Bloggy

Thanks Nina for some inspiration this morning!


Cogski said...

thanks for the tag!! i'll get to my post ironic and appropriate that that's the pic?! not sure when ur leaving for LTF headquarters for ur training but good luck!!!!!

NMB said...

aim, great post! glad i could be of assistance haha! xo