Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping or trying to cause trouble?

Ryder has taken the role of being a big brother very seriously. He has been helping Jackson with all sorts of things lately. On his particular day Ryder was enjoying yogurt as his afternoon snack, I guess he wanted to see if Jackson wanted some. Ry was spoon feeding Jackson the yogurt so nicely that I just let them do it. I turned my back for one second to find that Ryder had decided it was a good idea to start painting Jackson with the yogurt. He had it in his hair, his ears, all over his face... you name it, there was yogurt. So I am wondering if Ryder was really wanting to help Jac or if his ultimate plan was to paint Jac. Hmmm.... I guess whatever Ryder's plan was, Jackson didn't seem to mind!

Ryder helping Jackson

Jackson after I got him cleaned off a bit.

Uh oh got to run! The boys new thing is opening the refrigerator door and seeing what they can take out. I'm not even kidding when I say that little Jackson just ran up to me just with an open bottle of Tabasco holding his tongue. Ouchies... but I'm willing to bet he won't do it again!

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