Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gracie's special day

Gracie is my cousin Lori's little girl. She is so sweet and I think she looks just like her mama! Since I don't have a baby girl, I take great delight in the fact that she has one... Lori, since I'm done, I may just want to borrow her every now and then. Would that be OK? :)

We were not able to make it to the actual Baptism service because I was teaching Sunday School myself, but we were able to make it to her party to help her celebrate. I was told that she was so good during church and didn't even cry.

Jackson was pretty fond of Gracie himself. Being the baby in our family, it isn't often that he is around someone smaller then him. I think he liked being the older one.... just look at how he looks and cuddles with her!

Here are Ry and Jac holding Gracie together. I can't believe how gentle they both were!

God's blessings Gracie, we love you! xo

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