Thursday, October 16, 2008

The painter is coming!

I told you he would surprise me at the last minute! He called last night saying he would be here tomorrow. Of course we didn't know this until around 7pm. Right to work we went. We had to clear out the kitchen and find places to hide everything so the boys could not get into it. Then we had to decide on a color. Many of you know I was hoping to convince Davey to go with a nice chocolate brown. He told me no over and over. Then this morning he decided he hated the color I picked out and gave the OK for the chocolate brown. Wooohosies!!!! I decided on Wenge by Benjamin Moore. I'll take ics so you guys can see how it turns out! Have a great day everyone :)
OH and I think I'm going back to work - full time! I'll tell more about that later, ta ta for now, off to the gym we go!

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Cogski said...

hi amy, u don't know me and i hope u don't think i'm a stalker :-) but i'm bff's w/ nina from siu and have hung out w/ mandy a couple times visiting nina and adore her, not sure if i adore her or her kid more though? :-)
found ur blog thru mandy's blog and love it! ur kids are adorable and congrats on running the marathon! which lifetime do u go to? warrenville per chance?