Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy, busy!

Where has today gone? I can't believe it is 8:00p already! Today was a full day. We had plenty to take care of since we had spent the last few days inside hiding from the rain.

We started our day off as normal... breakfast and Lifetime Fitness. The boys absolutly love going there, which is great because I absolutly need to get my workout in! Ryder instantly took off for the basketball court and Jackson hit the tubes. He's really not "big" enough to be back there yet, but the girls know how how much he loves it so they watch him as he climbs all over the place. It was one of the days that they didn't want to leave but we had to because Ryder had a hair appointment at 11:20.

Our salon of choice is Cool Cuts 4 Kids. they have it set up just they way kids like. Ry walked in and picked the red truck to sit in. He said it was Lightning McQueen (which he loves) he also chose to watch the movie Cars while he was getting his hair done. They have a whole assortment of movies for your child to watch while getting their hair cut. Ryder used to pick Thomas, and then for awhile it was Mickey, but I guess for now it's Cars. When he was all done he got to pick a sucker out of the basket. He picked around for awhile, but finally decided on a blue one.

After the hair cut I decided to take the boys over to Panera for lunch. It was such a nice afternoon I figured why rush home. They boys got their usual Cinnamon Crunch bagel. I couldn't decide between soup or salad but Ryder made up my mind for me and said "Mommy salad" I guess he knows me well.

Here are the boys enjoying their bagels.

After lunch we stopped in a paint store to grab some paint samples and then made it home just in time for naps. They were so worn out from the busy morning we had that they were both fast asleep instantly. :)

After naps we made a quick run to Target for some hangers (I decided it was time to take on the task of reorganizing our closet) and I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte - which I have to add it one of my favorite things about the fall, I'm so glad they are back! Ryder got a vanilla milk. Of course at one point Jackson managed to steal the milk away from Ryder and this caused him to scream at the top of his lungs "MMMMIIIINNNNEEEE!"

I should probably have it figured out by now that when Jac sees Ryder with something he wants it too. So we went back to the Starbucks inside Target to get another vanilla milk. Both boys were now happy and I was able to get my hangers!

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