Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall At Last

The weather has been pretty cool here in the Chicago area. Not cold by any means, but definitely cool. Cool enough for fall clothes - which are my favorite to dress myself and the boys in.

I was getting Ryder dressed the other morning and put on a pair of pants the fit him perfectly in the spring. I pulled them up and to my surprise total floods! Time to get him some new stuff.

If there is one thing I'm good at, for sure it is shopping. I figured if the boys have out grown their clothes then they probably need new shoes too. Now my boys are just about obsessed with shoes as I am. Ryder always wants people to have their shoes on and he always wants them on himself. He is very opinionated when it comes to what shoes he is wearing. There are days where he tries to wear his rain boots when there is absolutely no sign of rain. Those are the days where I have to plan ahead and hide the rain boot or any other shoe that he may want to wear that isn't suitable for the weather or his outfit. Ry even likes my shoes! He puts them on when ever he has a chance and stomps around in them.

Here he is in his favorite pair of mine. Maybe he likes them because of the kitten heel or maybe it's the patent leather buckle - relax, I'm kidding!

Here are the boys in some of their new fall clothes. I picked up their shirts at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love them! They look like little men!

Just wait until I get them dresses in their letterman cardigans... so cute!

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Jen said...

The boys look SO CUTE in those outfits. As you can imagine, I am obsessed with shopping for Addie. She is so fun to dress! We have a whole new wardrobe picked out for homecoming weekend at SIU...including a cheerleading uniform from 710!

By the way...you are a blogging maniac! I can hardly keep up with your posts! But I love it...it gives me so much to read :-)