Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today we were at the mall buying a gift for my nieces birthday. While riding the elevator I thought about a posting my friend a Jen had made about elevators. To read it click here.

Anyways I usually have both boys in the stroller, but since it was a quick run in I decided Ryder could walk. His favorite thing to do is push the buttons. And who can blame him, they light up so nicely! While standing there I had a flash back to about a year prior. We were on the very same elevator, I wasn't paying much attention and Ry had pushed the emergency button. A voice came over the speaker and said, "9-1-1, what's your emergency?" I was not quite sure how to respond so I apologized and explained that my 2 year old had accidentally pushed the button. There was another Mom in the elevator with us and told me not to worry, that her child had done it before too.

Now that Ryder was roaming free in th elevator I had to stand guard of the big red button. Why on earth do they make it the easiest one for kids to reach? It's at the perfect height for them... wouldn't you think they would move it towards the top?


Jen said...

Don't even get me started with know how I feel about them. haha! Is that the elevator at Nordstrom's?

Mandy Rose said...

I am terrified of elevators. Actually, now that I think of it, they are one of my biggest fears. I make J request the lowest level floors available when we stay at hotels.

Oh and legos aren't as bad as tv remotes! YIKES!