Monday, September 29, 2008

Silly Jackson

I'm going to apologize right now ladies and gents because our camera is broke! I'm taking it in this week to get repaired. I'm not sure what exactly happened to it, I just know that when I turn it on a message comes on the screen telling me to try again. Maybe some little hands got a hold of it, wouldn't surprise me!

So with the shortage of a camera I have to say I'm glad I have my camera phone. I probably have it with me more often then I carry our regular camera so this may be a good thing.

I've mentioned before that Jackson can be a little bit of a comedian sometimes. He used to just hang out but the older he has got he knows that sometimes he may have to compete for some attention. I think I have also mentioned that he loves to put things on his head. He walks around so proud... it's actually really cute. Here is Jac with one of his favorite new toys. A Lego bucket... yes, he does love the Legos too. Always carries 2 around with him, but now he is finding that the bucket helps him get some serious attention.

Of course I don't have a picture of him walking around with the bucket, but that's what he does - he will parade around the downstairs laughing with it on his head. Silly Jackson!

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