Monday, September 22, 2008

The days festivities have finally ended. Ryder is fast asleep, he wore himself out -I guess to much parting does that to you! Here is a recap of our day.

I make the boys wear this hat for at least one picture on their B-day, my plan is to do this all the way until they turn 21

Ryder & Daddy at breakfast

Ryder acting silly at breakfast

The party set up - cupcakes, party favors and cups

Enjoying pizza

Opening presents

Looking at his new fish Lou

Happy Birthday to Ryder!

We love you buddy! xoxo

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Mandy Rose said...

I can't believe Ry guy is 3! WOW! He's a little man now. Wish I could have been at his party! Give him bday xoxo from P and Auntie M!