Sunday, September 14, 2008

Men Just Don't Get It!

Wow, 3 posts today alone and I thought this was going to be hard. What an eventful day!

So the boys and I just return from a quick trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond. We walk into our house and the boys start playing in the family room. I walk into the foyer and there he is. A mouse! Now this isn't just any old mouse. This mouse and I actually did the quickstep together before I did the next logical thing, which I will get to in a second. Both the mouse and I really didn't know what to do. I hopped one way, he hopped the other, I moved back he moved forward - all while maintaining a 5 foot distance from each other. Being a women I do the most logical thing and scream as I'm grabbing both boys and jumping on top of the couch. David is gone but close to home so I call him and say "come home now!" He has no idea why I'm saying this and screaming into the phone. I quickly add "there's a mouse!" so he doesn't think someone is hurt. What does he do? He laughs at me and tells me to relax. Well we have already learned that relaxing is something I do not do well, especially since there is a mouse involved. He tells me to go into the foyer and open the front door to let him out. I think about it, I really do but I can't seem to get the nerve up to do it. He's just sitting there staring at me! I thought that most mice tend to stay along the perimeter of the room. Oh no, they do not! This guy was hanging out where ever he felt... keeping one on on me at all times. David is still on the phone trying to coax me off the couch and to let the mouse out. Then the mouse decided he is going to run right at us. I explain to David that the mouse is HUGE and that I can't stay there any longer. I grab the boys and shove them into the minivan. David is close, only a few minutes away and he arrives to me in the boys sitting in the mini van watching cars. He laughs and says that he can't believe I'm such a baby. He grabs a broom and gets to work. Lucky for me I've been a good little blogger and have kept my camera close by so I am able to catch the escapade.

Here we have David pretending the mouse is a hockey puck because his goal is to shoot him out the front door.

Here are the boys looking at the mouse... (never mind Ry's paci - we are working on that too!)

Please excuse the blurriness, but this is the mouse that I described as being HUGE.

This is David looking at the little mouse through the front window saying telling me the mouse is still laying there.

I quietly reply "Maybe we should give him some cheese", hey- he's kinda cute now that he's out of my house!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for the entertainment on this very lazy Sunday afternoon. Since I've lived here in the Blogosphere for some time now... I've read MORE stories about Mamas & Mice... each one makes me laugh even harder than the last! Good Work on the blogging!!

Mandy Rose said...

See...your already a great blogger and it's only your first week! Love the mouse story and I can just picture you sitting in the mini with the boys waiting for Davey to save you. I react the same way to spiders. I hope the boys don't grow up screaming when the see a mouse...preschool buddies will give them all kinds of hell.