Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So much rain today! At first it was nice... I thought "hmmm, I'm gonna take it easy today. I'm gonna skip my run and do it after church on Sunday and I'm going to relax all day long" Well as many of you now that does not usually last too long for me. By 9:30a I was antsy and was ready to get out. So I put on my running shoes and hit the gym. After a 1.5 hour run and some weights I stopped and got a cup of coffee at the Life Cafe and said to myself "I feel better, now I'm going to go home and try to relax again" Ha! I tried, I really tried but again it didn't last. My hubby tends to get a little cranky when I start complaining that I'm tired of relaxing. He just doesn't get it! So I decided to put the boys in their rain gear and hit the mall. Nothing like a new pair of jeans to perk a girl up! The boys are pretty good shoppers... I've convinced Ryder that when mommy is trying on clothes that it is a fashion show and that he should chant "Fashion show! Fashion show!" Sometimes it works, some times it doesn't... sometimes it turns into a "Noooooo fashion show Mommy!" but today it ended in my favor and I found a new pair of jeans. :) Before we left I had the boys give me a little fashion show themselves. Here they are, all decked out in their rain gear. Jackson has the boots too, but he doesn't walk so well in them. Maybe by the next rainfall he will have it down, well maybe the one after that because it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow too and I don't think he will have it figured out quite by then!

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